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Re: UT-TFV: "No Win Scenario"

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Main Bridge
USS Shuttlesworth

Captain Ottah winced, symbiotically feeling the strain of his ship as its tractor beam tried to hold on to the bucking K’mpec as both ships were buffeted by the shockwave. The captain had ordered the helm to skim Shuttlesworth along the wave, bouncing along it and using its power to propel the vessel closer to the K’mpec.

“Now we’ve just got to get out of here,” Ottah said, informing no one and everyone.

“I already got something in mind,” the chief engineer said from her aft console.

“Let’s hear it,” Ottah glanced back at the Algolian.

“We can reconfigure the Bussard collectors to intake energy from the shockwave and then expel it, pushing K’mpec out of the shockwave.” The engineer said, “But there’s a catch.”

“Of course,” the captain said, “What is it?”

“It’s going to require a lot of energy to reinforce the collectors, to keep them from exploding and we are going to have to draw it from all over the ship, including shields and structural integrity,” she said.

“Well, it will only be for a few seconds,” Ottah reasoned.

“Captain,” the Dekendi tactical officer interjected, “I object to this course of action.”

Ottah nodded at the woman. “Noted,” he said, “But we’ll proceed anyway.”

“Sir, it will leave us vulnerable,” the tactical officer pressed.

“And if we don’t act it will leave the crew of the K’mpec dead, and I cannot allow that,” the captain declared.

“It is possible that they will be able to successfully ride out the shock wave,” the Dekendi refused to let it go.

“Not without our tractor beam and we are straining the tractor beam generator as it is,” the chief engineer said. “If we want to save them, we need to act and we need to act now.”

“But it will leave us vulnerable against the Kothlis’Ka and the Chakuun,” the Dekendi pointed at the screen. Ottah followed her finger and shuddered at the scene before them. As if suddenly powerless Chakuun ships en masse were dropping onto and diving into Kothlis’Ka vessels.

“If one of those ships hit us with weakened shielding…” the tactical officer didn’t finish her sentence.

“It will only be a few seconds,” the chief engineer surmised. “And then we can put the shields back up, full strength.”

“It’s the best option we’ve got,” Ottah said, “But admittedly it is not without risk. However I couldn’t look into my reflection again if we did not make this attempt.” Ottah quickly glanced at the other bridge officers to gauge their feedback. He got a lot of affirming nods, gestures, and vocalizations. The tactical officer still looked reluctant but she kept any further concerns to herself.

“Get to work on it Chief,” Ottah ordered. The Edoan informed Captain Tanaka of their plan. The human was also in agreement. Once Tanaka signed off, Ottah watched as the tall, lithe woman hunched over her terminal, her long fingers moving like arachnid legs.

She looked up moments later and declared, “Sir, its ready.”

“Proceed,” Ottah ordered. The lighting on the bridge dimmed and the natural noises of machinery grew quieter as power was diverted to the collectors. The viewer shifted from the K’mpec to the space above the warp nacelles. He held his breath as the two pulsing red collectors, each on the tip of the warp nacelles, began to inhale the chaotic energy surrounding them.

“We are ready to expel the energy,” the engineer said. Ottah exhaled.

“Do it,” he ordered. The engineer unleashed the energy at the K’mpec. Crimson pulses blasted from the collectors, scooping the K’mpec up and pushing it out of the wave.

Cheers erupted from the bridge as the Akira-class ship broke free. It took Ottah a second to realize that he was the loudest noisemaker.

Feeling a bit self-conscious, his cheeks warming over with embarrassment, the captain cleared his throat. “Contact the K’mpec,” he ordered. On the other end, Captain Tanaka’s grin was as wide as Ottah’s.

“Thank you and your crew,” Tanaka said. “We wouldn’t have made it without you.”

“All in a day’s work,” Ottah dipped his head. “You would’ve done the same for me.”

“Don’t be so sure about that,” the K’mpec captain joked. The two men shared a laugh. “So what’s next?” Tanaka asked after the laughter died down.

“I think we need to be the referees between Captain Erasia and Commander Rhizzo,” Ottah said, his smile evaporating.

“Time to blow the whistle again,” Tanaka said, just as mirthlessly.
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