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Re: Star Trek III - The [Speculation Begins] (Spoilers)

I really don't know where you take Star Trek at this point. I would like an original story but it would have to be written well and without that swiss cheese of plot holes that was Into Darkness. I would like to see Kirk fight the Borg but with the assistance of the planet killer from the original series. I believe it had been postulated that the the planet killer was designed as a doomsday machine against the Borg. Since Star Trek Countdown confirms that Neros ship was a Romulan/Borg hybrid vessel, lets say he sent a signal to the delta quadrant before its destruction as a proximity beacon for the Borg. I would have rathered Star Trek Into Darkness (which is a terrible title) would have been original and although I love Cumberbatch, I think Kahn needed to stay lost for a while. That script was just terrible.
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