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Re: Did Kirk's TMP admiral uniform almost become standard issue?

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Another officer can be glimpsed wearing the uniform at Starfleet HQ:

That may be the costume with captain's stripes seen here (scroll down)...

... though that one seems to have incorrect admiral shoulder marks.
Great catch! I'd say the captain's uniform in the link you posted tells us this one is not exclusive to flag officers

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^^ That would explain the absence of the Starfleet insignia on the chest. The TOS dress uniforms didn't have one either.
Except for the court officer and Lt. Shaw in "Court Martial."
Yes, the court officer wears the same type of dress uniform as McCoy. Looks like once you have your first decoration you can get rid of the insignia.

Lt. Shaw wears a dress uniform? Wow, I hadn't noticed that earlier (must be because of her rank stripe) but the comparison does indeed suggest a female dress uniform.

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