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Re: TWOK Phasers: Visceral... and Rare?

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I hate energy bolt phasers. Phasers are energy, and should act like a laser would, firing an instantaneous beam at the target. If you wanted to pulse them, sure, it would be like a beam that flashed instantaneously toward your target and then turned off.

TUC had great phaser effects. Enterprise had great Phaser effects. They both followed this pattern.

I don't hate TWOK phasers, but they do not act like realistic energy guns. nuTrek "phasers" are the suckiest, wimpiest energy bolt weapons I have ever seen on screen apart from "Forbidden Planet" but at least that movie has the excuse of being an old classic where special fx were extremely difficult to make.
I agree with that you are saying... the physics of the TWOK phasers just don't make sense. But I would freak out on an EPIC scale if any restoration or remaster attempted to correct this. I love the TWOK phasers, and think of them more of a pulsating plasma weapon than energy-based. Yeah, yeah, I know that's not what phasers are, but give a kid (at the time) his delusions.

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Surely when fighting to the death you fire everything you can... although I realize that RL budgetary constraints were to blame
If you were referring to TWOK I'd say it was already amazing that the Enterprise could fire phasers at all after Khan had crippled the ship:

KIRK: Scotty, ...what's left?
SCOTT (on intercom): Just the batteries, sir. I can have auxiliary power in a few minutes.
KIRK: We don't have a few minutes. ...Can you give me phaser power?
SCOTT (on intercom): A few shots, sir.
SPOCK: Not enough against their shields

That dialogue was interesting because it somehow looked to me as if they had returned to the old concept of charging a phaser bank prior to firing it (and no longer used energy from the engine core - in TWOK disabled - as suggested in TMP).

Theoretically they could have used photon torpedoes against Reliant during their first encounter, but apparently the script demanded otherwise.

This is a VERY good point, a direct contradiction to TMP. But again, I'm damn happy they changed it up and gave us those violating, penetrating weapons for this film experience.
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