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Re: Nelson Mandela-class Diplomatic Courier

Starship: I chose to use both his first and last name just in case there was a contemporary U.S.S. Mandela that I didn't know about, since Starfleet vessels usually use only the last name as a homage to a person, more often than not.

But to be fair, if another person seconds your opinion, then I might make the changes accordingly in the schematics. But if your suggestion is thirded, then I will definitely make the change, since you know what they say about the third time being the charm...

Maurice: It is a bit odd when you mention it, but that is because weapons are always the first of the statistics that I add about a starship, and statistics in turn appear first, before the flavor text. As time goes on, I plan to edit the original post, and add things, such as impulse, warp, and slipstream speed, once I've done the necessary homework.
For instance, I've decided that the Nelson Mandela is 12 decks high, and has a maximum quantum slipstream velocity somewhere in between that of the Vesta class and the Odyssey class (but I need to research the two classes QSD velocities, and come up with a something in between, stuff that I'm not prone to doing right away).

Anyways, here is a schematic set I've been working on:

I'm happy with the side view, and have managed to work out the number of decks to 12, but being the slob I am, have made the nacelle pylons, hull, and nacelles out of proportion, so the top view will need a lot of work, and much of it will probably have to be erased, and started over.
I know it isn't much right now, but what can I say, I'm a terrible procrastinator!
I really need to get more work done next week.

Thanks for viewing, and keep the comments coming!
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