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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 86: A Lost Cause

Odo:.. And since the cup and the coffee are only extensions of myself, I can make the coffee be Starbucks and not pay way too much for it...

Weyoun: Stop! I'm sorry, Mister Sisko, the Jem'Hadar take offense at the suggestion that their weapons are modified props from the second season.

Siddig: Sorry they didn't choose you to be the "Bond" of the episode Michael, but you've gotta admit that "Bashir, Julian Bashir" sounds better than "Mogh, Worf son of Mogh."

Sisko: Ops.

Kira: Weapons Locker.

Dax: Promenede.

Sisko: (thinking) I need to stop getting into turbolifts with these two.
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