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Re: Star Trek III - The [Speculation Begins] (Spoilers)

Sorry for revising an old thread, but I like the idea of a "Search for Pike/Menagerie" mashup.

We know that Spock mind-melded with Pike before he died in Into Darkness. So what if Spock starts exhibiting Pike-like behavior, much like how Bones started acting like Spock in ST III. Kirk starts noticing, and is like "OK, what's up with that?" Spock reveals that his mind meld with Pike had the unexpected consequence of absorbing Pike's "Kantra", even though he's not Vulcan.

Spock also goes into memory flashes where he experiences Pike's encounter with the Talosians and the beautiful Vina. Spock then melds with Kirk to show him Pike's memories. Light bulb goes off in Kirk's head, and Kirk decides that they must bring Pike's Kantra to Talos IV, which is off limits and illegal to travel there. All kinds of shenanigans with Kirk and crew along the way, interspersed with more Spock flashbacks of Pike's time with Vina in the Talosians' Illusion-world.

At the end, the Talosians successfully transfer Pike's consciousness to some kind of vessel or body, to be reunited with Vina in love forever.

The original Pike was a tragic figure indeed, but he did get some bittersweet redemption in the Menagerie episode. Into darkness had all the tragedy and pointlessness of Pike's original accident which left him crippled, but lacked the redemption. For me being a Pike fan, bringing his Kantra back to Talos IV would be an enormously satisfying conclusion to the trilogy, and would bring the franchise full-circle to Gene's original pilot with Jeffrey Hunter. It seems fitting somehow.
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