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Re: ST:TMP Technical Details

I get what you mean, Forbin... I guess what I'm trying to convey about the models for filming, is that an amazing amount of thought seems to have been put into all the little details that we can't even see unless getting a frame shot. It's pretty impressive.

That said, one thing that started to bug me about post TOS, TMP, and TNG ships was the crazy amount things they just kept putting on ships to add more and more details.

TOS was sleek and very clean. TMP was a more tecky and artistic. TNG started off cooler (with it's colours, shapes, and details) but kept getting more and more cluttered as time went on, leading to Voyager, DS9, et c. Seemed unnecessary at times.

So there seemed to be a lack of cohesive design in ships (inside and out) as time when on.

Pauln6, I'm always hunting on the internet for TMP E model photos. Post them! I'm presently in the stages of building mine too.

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