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Re: Transporter beams itself?

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Now explain to me in technical terms how the transporter splits you into good and evil halves.
Copenhagen’s interpretation every possible universe that can exist does exist and is also fully played out until observed (maybe).

On the Subspace carrier wave (the Ocean wave the surfer rides) it is possible for more than one surfer to be on the same wave at the same time even if the waves were initially independent of each other later combining (increasing amplitude) might in some instances cause probability of surfer to tend to be on other board; causing in some instances the surfer to quantum mechanically tunnel to other surf board; non local relative effects from materialization might obey Pauli Exclusion Principle pushing future waves to opposite surf boards.

The surfers own wave function’s now exist on opposite surf boards, the wave energies could eventually separate with chance of being stuck on the surf board.

This all means the Heisenberg Compensators need an overhaul and subject to proper regular maintenance and the chances of tunnelling on an ‘evil selfie surfboard’ could probably be calculated with uncertainty equations accounting for all variables for there would be many.

Make it so.
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