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Berman-era v. TOS Pacing: What do you think?

[Disclaimer: TOS is my first love, but I enjoyed Berman-era first run, rewatched DS9 on Netflix and am grateful to Voyager for how it inspired my daughters. In fact, I think VOY Is what turned #2 into a Trekkie who just got Trek365 from her boyfriend (bodes well, eh?).]

So over break at the in-laws, we saw some TNG on BBC. Hadn't seen any in years. It wasn't S1 or 2 and Troi was in science garb if that tells you anything. Having the two plots per ep seemed to make it very slow. There'd be like a conversation or bit of action of a minute or two, then back to plot B, with a little advancement. Then back to other plot. It was almost like Friends, which always struck me as having tons of miniscenes.

Each plot seemed to advance in fits and starts, very slowly.

Does this strike anyone as slow now? It didn't, to me, in original run. Is it just because I've been watching TOS almost exclusively for years, which really has one main plot and really runs with that? Or does TOS's narrative style seem too outdated to people weaned on modern TV? Just curious.
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