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Re: MLP:FiM S4E07 - "Bats!" - Grade & Discuss

Santa Hooves wrote: View Post
Oh, yes. Tabitha is certainly up on her game. I love Rarity anyway, but Tabitha's just really making me want to call Rarity best pony.
But everypony is best pony, so it's all good.

I love the flash to Fluttershy's vampire teeth at the end, and it really does set things up for something else. If you've seen the community comments elsewhere, people are going nuts over that little scene and what it could mean. I have to admit, I'm curious myself!
Yeah, I saw some amusing comments on EQD. Honestly, I hope they DO do something with it!

The song was cool, and had this "Nightmare Before Christmas" feel to it. I loved it, as I am a huge fan of Danny Elfman. I also feel that Fluttershy was in the right as well. The bats were a part of the local ecology, and there were ways to preserve Applejack's apple orchard, while allowing for the continued symbiosis between the bats and the trees. My concern over Twilight's idea of zapping the bats so they didn't want to eat the apples made me wonder whether or not they would have eventually starved. So Fluttershy's solution was the best one of a difficult situation, at least for a place like Equestria.
Exactly. AJ and Twilight's motivations for wanting to find a quick solution were understandable, but they didn't think it all the way through - not even Twilight did. Which, again, I like because it shows that they can make real mistakes.
Also, Flutterbat is best bat.
Hmmmmm... I do really love some of the adorable and/or badass depictions of the actual "batponies" that I've seen, so this is a tough call for me... hehe.

SeerSGB wrote: View Post
Fun episode, would have made a great Halloween episode. Also a episode that's going to launch a thousand Flutterbat fanfics.
Ohhh yeah. And not just Flutterbat fanfics per se - on top of that, I bet we'll get a rush of Flutterbat who turns the OTHERS into vampire pony bats, straight vampire (without the "bat") fics, etc.

Gep Malakai wrote: View Post
One odd thing: the per-release info on this episode indicated it was written by Meriwether Williams, and she's credited with the song lyrics during the closing credits, but the "written by" at the opening says Meghan McCarthy. I wonder what happened there?
Meghan actually tweeted about this earlier; apparently, the credit got goofed up somehow.

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