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Re: Could I become a Niner? hmmm....

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Stick with it. DS9 gets better with age and really takes off in Season 3.

The only actors that were any good in DS9 from the start were Armin Shimmerman (Quark), Rene Auberjonois (Odo), Coin Meeny (Miles Obrien) and Andrew Robinson (Garak).

The quality of acting from the others almost made me quit watching the series.

But it's trek, so I endure. (as we have done many many times over the years WRT to our trek actors)

Avery Brooks was completely misscast. I more than support casting an Afican American for the part, but for gods sake choose one that can act. He's the only actor in trek that each time I watch the series I'm rooting for him to improve on the acting side. Incapable of showing any emotion other than anger. To cast someone as limited as he was with his acting as the centerpiece of the show was a mistake. Lucky for the series and him that DS9 really didn't "center" on the Captain.

Nana Visitor (as stated many times in this thread) just didn't get it. Much like Roxanne overacted playing B'elanna, Nana did the same with Kyra. She improved drastically as the seasons unfolded.

Alexander Siddig, while seemingly being the "heart throb" for the gals watching this series, was off the charts horrible. If it wasn't for his relationship with Garak and later Miles, they could have deleted him.

Terry Farrell was OK, but she really didn't take off until the character drops the "perfect" vale they had over her in the beginning.

When half your main group isn't very good, it makes for some tough watching.

But DS9 is all about the stories and relationships and they also had the benifit of reusing some of the franchises greatest reocurring characters.

ENJOY... and don't jump ship!!

Alright, I thought I would update this thread. I've been posting in the other DS9 thread comments I should be making here.

I'm up to the 3rd episode of season 4 (Hippocratic Oath?)

The series still feels disjointed. It's trying to be serialized, while not really concentrating too much on the main arc yet.

Shit I didn't remember the whole thing about the Klingons wanting to attack Cardassia. Where the heck did that come from?

This whole time the entire series has painted the Cardassians as requiring a very severe ass kicking, and they still haven't gotten one. Although the Klingons wanting to attack it came out of left field, it would have been interesting. I'm honestly not sure where this angle is going to go. I know the Klingons side with the Federation later on, and Martok becomes a friend of all on DS9, so I know it will be resolved, I just don't remember how.

As for characters.

Sisko: Still his old creepy self. I liked the goatee, but do not like the shaved head. He hasn't really improved acting wise. I think Jake is a better character and compensates in scenes where they are together.

Bashir: I still like his character, but he's not my favourite anymore. One of the reasons he was my favourite originally was because of the episode where he falls in love with that girl that he healed (the genetically enhanced girl) and she didn't love him back but felt she owed him that love even if forced. Freaking awesome episode I can't wait to watch again. So far Bashir is bland, and while he's not ugly, I can't see him being a heartthrob

Kira: Sadly, the same as Sisko. Still superficially bitchy with no layers. It's just "Angry Kira" 24/7

Jadzia: Funny that in her episodes, at least some effort was made to explain to us, the audience, why she is such a smug bitch. I get, at least superficially, that she is supposed to have the lifetime experiences of 8 previous hosts in her memory. The actress just doesn't have the chops to portray that in any subtle way. She just comes across as "I'm hotter and I'm smarter than all of you". For that, her character grates me the most!! Arghhh!! I won't miss her when she dies finally.

Quark and Odo are still carrying the show. Excellent actors, particularly Quark, who does the "thief with a heart" particularly well. Odo does the "hard ass with a soft spot" pretty good too. His whole shape shifting ability so far has been completely useless. Enemy shape shifters are running circles around him, and episodes like "Crossover" have shown how easy it is to kill him. He's as vulnerable as any solid.

I don't hate Garak as much. I remember despising him for torturing Odo. Now I got to see that he hated doing it and only did it for his desperation to get back into his "Clique" with Cardassia.

Still, he desperately needs someone to beat the fuck out of him, with all this secrecy. I would have kicked him in the balls already.

I do enjoy the little verbal skirmishes he has with Dukat when they are both on screen. There are some pretty delicious moments there.

Like I said in the other thread though, when your best characters are all bad guys, hmmm...seems to be that's kind of a flawed way to go about writing a show. I wish there were some truly good characters that I could root for.

nureintier wrote: View Post
Well, I think it works with Bashir (the OP about him chasing Dax). He's so totally full of himself I think he cannot fathom the idea of a woman not wanting him.

I agree about Sisko, and I HATE it when he starts shouting. The overacting and the overenunciating just kill it for me and he's my least favorite captain for this reason. It's like he has his "contemplative" face when he's just sitting around thinking, and then his "angry" face, and that's it for his acting.

Kira is annoying, yes.

I liked Dax.

But I think probably the best parts, for me, were things involving pretty much any Cardassians (even the minor characters), Odo, some of the Quark and other Ferengi stuff, and Weyoun.

That, and after a few seasons, it really hit its stride and became more enjoyable overall.

I watched DS9 straight through. It actually became my favorite Trek series and made me realize (for me at least) how boring, stale, and lame TNG is.
That's how I felt after watching DS9, and I grew up watching TNG in its original airing and so it has nostalgic value for me. But sometimes, I go back and watch some of TNG and it just feels stale, yeah.(Don't get me wrong, there are great TNG episodes, but I think that DS9 and TOS are my favorites because I like some of the characters so much.)

I was talking to somebody about DS9 the other day in real life, and he complained about how dark and claustrophobic it all was. I said that's why it's my favorite!

When half your main group isn't very good, it makes for some tough watching.
I wasn't crazy about the starfleet members on ds9, for sure, but I think the non-starfleet characters make up for it. Of course, being Star Trek, I can understand if people think if a lot of the starfleet people are crap, then the series must be crap... Most of my favorite episodes involved non-main characters, though.

The worst thing ever was some of the mirror universe crap. Boy do I hate mirror-Bashir.
Yup, I'm one of the ones who wanted to have some good Starfleet personel to look up to.

I used to think the series was crap. Now in my more mature days (I hope) I'm seeing it in a new eye.
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