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Re: The Ashes 2013

Quite the reverse of falling in a heap for a change, and even more incredibly Watson actually produced a decent innings in a pressure situation in a Test match. Wonders will never cease. Rogers batted particularly well and got a just reward, which was nice to see. Haddin was dudded out of yet another player of the match award, IMO. He's been the only batsman to consistently stand up over the course of the series; things would have been very different without his contributions, and his keeping's been outstanding as well. He remains the clear player of the series for mine.

The less said about England's insipid effort today the better, really. They seemed uninspired and clueless, and Cook's captaincy was just bizarre at times. It's hard to see how they can turn things around before the final Test at the real G, but I suppose stranger things have happened.

Surely no one could possibly have envisioned the series turning out like this. I know I didn't. I'm pleased I was wrong.
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