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Re: TF: The Crimson Shadow by Una McCormack Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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"hey, hey, they're knocking boots and hiding it to save Garak's political career!"
Considering we have no evidence on how gay relationships are treated in Cardassia [particularly among older individuals where children are longer an issue], I'd hate to think people would immediately assume that Garak was hiding it. If anything, Garak seems to have given up hiding things.

Edit: Or the author, for that matter.
The "hiding it for political reasons" angle was indeed part of a couple of edits I had to revert, so that's certainly at least some anonymous editor's reasoning for why the book didn't just "come out and say it." Which, of course, is complete BS.

I could see two reasons for Garak being secretive about a hypothetical relationship (with anyone, of any gender). The first is out of a desire to protect his partner from his enemies, the second would be simply because it's not anyone's business and while he's much more truthful now, he still won't voluntarily shine the spotlight on his personal life.

But given that The Crimson Shadow presents us with a lesbian couple whose relationship no Cardassian seems to think twice about, I doubt "hiding a homosexual lover for political reasons" would be anywhere in Garak or Una McCormack's thought process.
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