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Re: MLP:FiM S4E07 - "Bats!" - Grade & Discuss

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This one gets a solid 9 from me. Lots of fun to watch, the song was pretty amusing, and Flutterbat was definitely amazing. I also liked how AJ showed her concern for her friends by being willing to sacrifice that prized super apple, and how at the end, instead of somehow making it so everyone was vindicated, they pretty much demonstrate that Fluttershy was right and they really should have listened to her from the get-go, because that happens in life. Well-meaning and intelligent people/ponies can just do the wrong thing sometimes, and that's what happened here.

I do wonder if they're setting something up at the end, or whether it's just meant to be a fun little addendum to the shenanigans of the episode. Been wondering the same thing about the ending to "Castle-Mane-ia", too...

Loved Pinkie Pie just drilling straight down into the ground like BYE, only to reappear two minutes later!

Also, is it just me, or have the amazing Tabitha St. Germain moments been coming at a higher pace this season? "Fluttershy, sweetness, please come down. And, do stop being a vampire bat."
Oh, yes. Tabitha is certainly up on her game. I love Rarity anyway, but Tabitha's just really making me want to call Rarity best pony.

I love the flash to Fluttershy's vampire teeth at the end, and it really does set things up for something else. If you've seen the community comments elsewhere, people are going nuts over that little scene and what it could mean. I have to admit, I'm curious myself!

The song was cool, and had this "Nightmare Before Christmas" feel to it. I loved it, as I am a huge fan of Danny Elfman. I also feel that Fluttershy was in the right as well. The bats were a part of the local ecology, and there were ways to preserve Applejack's apple orchard, while allowing for the continued symbiosis between the bats and the trees. My concern over Twilight's idea of zapping the bats so they didn't want to eat the apples made me wonder whether or not they would have eventually starved. So Fluttershy's solution was the best one of a difficult situation, at least for a place like Equestria.

Also, Flutterbat is best bat.
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