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Re: 'Relics': missed opportunity?

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That's not the missed opportunity in "Relics."

Exploring the Dyson Sphere is the missed opportunity for me. I mean, the stuff with Scotty was nice and nostalgic and all, but why waste a Dyson Sphere on that?

Hell, a Dyson Sphere merited a multi-part arc -- discovery, exploration, and eventually discovery of the builders.

As nostalgia, "Relics" is great. As science-fiction, "Relics" missed the mark.
Hell yes! This is my exact complaint about this episode! I would have loved to see some epic story about the exploration of the sphere "Halo" style.

If TPTB had been smart, they would have made a high budget movie ala nuTrek to follow up on it, before Bungie and Microsoft beat them to it.
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