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Re: Manifesting a soulmate, Trekkie style!

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goes to show how much ya respect others.
Albeit not in the way you're thinking.
Big, Respect for you is censorship for others

Embracing individuality means being ok with being judged, being ok with being different, and being ok with understanding you're not gonna be accepted by some no matter what ya say.

Don't skirt the issue, your lack of respect dictates you have nothing more than a lack of control of your own emotion.

Me? Guess what? I might be embarassed for things I do or say. But being protected from others and being disallowed to learn on my own is nothing more than a lack of faith in your ability to manage your own emotion and control-freak nature to make things work out precisely as you predict they should.

Get over it. If you're gonna read, respect the wishes.
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