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Spock calls her "an additional science officer", so I assume she'll be part of his department. She's also a weapons' specialist, which will no doubt come in handy.
In the movie, it seems she took advantage of Spock being reassigned to get herself aboard the Enterprise. But then Kirk was allowed to retain Spock, and her orders were never changed. Had events not unfolded as they did, it probably would've been cleared up by moving Carol to another post on the Enterprise or assigning her to another ship.

As it is, she's on the five-year mission, and my guess is she'd defer to Spock as science officer and fall back on her expertise in weaponry to define her formal position on the ship. Since weapons are a part of security, that would mean changing into a red uniform, of course, God help her.
You're thinking 24th Century. In TOS weapons were Gold/Command. Sulu and Chekov fired weapons and the phaser crew in BOT wore gold.

Also,Lt Masters worked with engineering as a blueshirt.
I think red was ship security and weapons in TOS. Security Chief Giotto wore red in "Devil in the Dark". Chief engineer Olson was the one given the explosives in ST09. Although the uniforms were different by TUC, Scotty seemed to be in charge of noting the photon torpedo complement. Scotty was the one who had to sign off on the torpedoes in STID. Of course, it could be since gold shirts are probably trained in weapons strategy and tactics as part of command training, they would be the bridge officers in charge of weaponry. Being a scientist (probably an engineer in at least some capacity) specializing in weapons development, it seemed to me Marcus's best fit was with the red shirts.

Then again, the colors were sometimes problematic, Spock was first officer but always wore sciences blue. Scotty was third in command but was in the engineering division. It could be when an officer's training crossed divisions, the color he or she wore was the officer's prerogative, or the color fit with the officer's primary duties aboard the ship, not the secondary ones.

To an extent, we're also trying to explain inconsistencies (phaser crew in gold in BOT) that the producers of TOS probably didn't give much thought to at the time. Then again, as fans, that's part of our job.
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