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Re: TWOK Phasers: Visceral... and Rare?

Kuran did the hand phasers in TFF and the mining lasers in TUC, but I'm pretty sure he didn't do the hand phasers in TUC, since a lot of those tied into ILM's cg blood.

The lack of phasers in the movies past TWOK almost certainly ties in with Kuran's limited involvement, as I don't think ILM liked doing that kind of work (the STAR WARS bolts were shorter and a lot less interesting looking IMO -- though come to think of it Kuran did those too, he's the one who added interactive light to the bolts which helped a helluva lot -- and that weird hand phaser in SFS that lifts the klingon up off the ground is pretty ridiculous.)

Except for the TMP and GEN torps, I didn't like any of them (and even the TMP ones are a little cartoony from being double-duped.) I remember explaining to somebody back in the 80s that TREK often boils down for me to the ship shooting phasers and Kirk getting his shirt ripped, and these things just didn't happen enough in the movies to suit me.
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