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Re: Romance between Kirk and Carol?

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Carol didn't seem to like Kirk much at all in STID so I would assume that a romance is not likely. Although anything is possible.
You are not very good at reading people, are you?
You're just learning this NOW?

I'm just a literalist, I guess. And you're exactly right: I can't read people well. What llttle I can read, I go by what I see at that time. I'm not good at picking up on "subtext" or "clues" or any of that kind of thing.

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Kirk drools at her, and she titillates him. Not very subtle.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure Kirk likes Carol - but I saw no evidence that Carol did, or ever would, return it. I saw a likelihood that Carol would have kicked Kirk in the nards had he not been her commanding officer, but I didn't see any indication that Carol actually liked anything about Kirk.
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