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Re: Romance between Kirk and Carol?

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I also didn't think this version of Kirk and Carol had any chemistry either. Again, people are subconsciously 'thinking' that they do simply because the originals did. Everybody heard the name 'Carol Marcus' and thought OMFG DAVID!!! But just as nobody ever saw Spock/Uhura coming, nobody can know where this is going either.
I am not "subconsciously thinking" I am actually thinking and looking at the character interchange, which as a few people have mentioned is classic movie boy/girl stuff. If Carol had been named Linda Peabody everyone would STILL be making threads about whether they were going to get together because of the typical stuff we saw in XII that points that way.

Also, let's not forget who we are talking about here as far as attraction goes. Captain James. T. Kirk. A force of attraction that only physics could attempt to explain.

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