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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

95. Like Crazy (C+)

This was an indie Sundance success story back in 2011, and drew a lot of praise for its lead actress, Felicity Jones (leading man Anton Yelchin, more known already, kind of flew under the radar). I debated whether or not to rate this as a C+ or B-, but I couldn't get over the intense dislike I developed for the main characters. The central conflict of the movie, the separation of the lovers across national boundaries, results from the woman impulsively deciding to overstay her student visa by a few months just because she wants to be near her boyfriend, even though she's been advised that this can create problems; and wouldn't you know, it's hard to get another visa when you've breached the conditions of the last one? And then, the boyfriend is a self-employed furniture designer, i.e., the definition of a transferable job, but for no reason the movie ever delves into he doesn't want to move to England if the girlfriend he so intensely desires can't come to America. Notwithstanding the initial stupidity, I was ultimately more sympathetic to the woman, because Yelchin's character spends pretty much the whole movie acting like a whiny douchebag.

Also, Jennifer Lawrence is in this, post-Winter's Bone and pre-everything else. She's excellent in her comparatively limited role as a competing love interesting for Yelchin's character.

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