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Re: Destiny Trilogy - Totally awesome (spoilers)

Romulan_spy wrote: View Post
If I had to imagine what a Star Trek Lord of the rings style epic movie trilogy on the big screen would look like, I think the Destiny trilogy, would fit the bill.
Corran Horn wrote: View Post
Agreed - if they were to have ever made a giant crossover filmed miniseries this would've been great.
In my version of adapting this story, I turn it into a nine-episode arc across all four concurrent TV series - TNG, DS9, Voyager and Titan. So that's 36 episodes, equivalent to 27 hours of screen time. It incorporates all the material from Destiny itself, plus the Voyager material from Full Circle, the DS9 material from Rough Beasts of Empire, and additional material for the Klingons and actual DS9 (as opposed to Aventine).

Mr Light wrote: View Post
My only complaint is that WAY too much time is spent with the Columbia crew living with the Caeliar. I understand this is vital to the story and they're the ones that originate the Borg and defeat them... but there was just too many pages about them sitting around doing nothing while in captivity.
I felt the same way - the Columbia portions of the book were my least favourite. But a lot of other people really love those bits. *shrug*

Mr Light wrote: View Post
I was a little disappointed that the Voyager cast was barely in it the final Borg story. Seven contributes nothing to the story and Voyager gets knocked off off-screen.
As I said, Voyager's perspective on events is covered in Full Circle, and Sisko and Vaughn's in Rough Beasts. Ro, Kira, Bashir et al are still up for grabs (he says with an evil yet secretive grin).

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