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Re: F1 2014 Championship Thread

No more so than Schumacher did.

We tend to be a little more forgiving of someone being dominate when we support them. But if you go back to the early 90's William's were dominat, then McLaren, then Ferrari now Red Bull who knows for the next few seasons Mercedes might be dominate. There is nothing new about a team being dominate in F1.

You could say how you win is as important as you win. Remember Schumacher won the 94 Championship by taking Hill out, did the same in 97 to JV but that time ended up losing all his points. Then at the race his team mate had to let him past so he could win the race despite there being no real championship rival due to the Ferrari's dominace (which ended up brining in the rule about no team orders). Ingonring a black flag at the British GP.

Vettel it seemed towards the end of this season seemed to be working on his PR image, following the Multi-21 incident early in the year.

Hopefully 2014 will be more interesting, with the new engines etc..
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