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Re: What does a New colony need?

USS Triumphant wrote: View Post
Why are you quoting only selected parts of what I said so you can act like you are telling me things I don't know?
Given that your post was only two positions above mine, reproducing the entirety of your post was completely unnecessary.

I actually have no idea as to what you don't know.

Come to think of it, *I* kind of assumed with my lists above that the colonists would want to maintain a modern lifestyle.
But what constitutes a "modern lifestyle?" From what we learned on the shows, only about half of personal homes include a replicator, it wasn't just Robert Picard's home that lacked one.

Joseph Sisko's restaurant served "real food." And the planet that Worf's adopting parent lived on (before moving to Earth) was described as a agricultural colony.

JirinPanthosa wrote: View Post
So basically you'd need the energy yield of a nuke to so much as make breakfast.
It's alway seemed to me that what your source material was would play a part in how much energy was required. If you wanted a thousand big steel bolts for construction, the replicator would need less power if you fed in iron ore as opposed to handfuls of dirt. The finished product wouldn't have to have it's density changed very much. It would still need a boat load of power, but somewhat less.

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