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Re: Happy 19th Birthday, Star Trek Generations!

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Having Trelane be a Q was okay for the most part because of how little we were told about Trelane and his "parents" back in 1967, but even then it doesn't completely fly as an explanation in the wake of Voyager episodes like "The Q and the Grey" and "Q2" where the son Q had with the female member of the Continuum is described as the first such child in the the history of their realm and their species. Trelane being the child of two other Q shouldn't have made Q's son in Voyager so unusual, then, but the '90s Peter David novel is officially non-canon so the events in that story have no lasting bearing on the official television and film universe of the franchise.
You forget that "Q2" completely contradicts the Next Gen episode "True Q", which was all about a young offspring of the Q. So I don't really mind if an old novel does it too!
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