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Re: Transporter beams itself?

^Well, it's kind of necessary to rationalize idiocies like "Realm of Fear" and TWOK's scene of Saavik talking while half-dematerialized. I'd just as soon not have to deal with it.

Really, the whole idea of transporters is a mess. The original intention was that matter would be converted to energy and back again, ignoring what a vast amount of energy is contained in matter, with a single gram holding an amount comparable to the Hiroshima bomb; you'd essentially be firing a devastatingly intense energy pulse at a planet every time you beamed someone down. But the TNG-era technological retcon made it even worse in some ways, because of all the convoluted procedure of breaking matter down into particles, sending the particles through a subspace beam akin to a wormhole, then putting the particles back together again. Why not just make a bigger wormhole and send intact people and objects through? It would be so much simpler.
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