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Re: Destiny Trilogy - Totally awesome (spoilers)

I just finished the Destiny trilogy! It was excellent! This is the kind of epic grandeur that I feel that old school Star Trek didn't really accomplish. I loved how vast and sweeping the story was, how it encorporated so many characters and managed to tie into about 30 different Trek episodes from all the series.

It felt like the series finale of the Star Trek universe! I never expected such an apocalyptic story to take place within main Trek continuity.

My only complaint is that WAY too much time is spent with the Columbia crew living with the Caeliar. I understand this is vital to the story and they're the ones that originate the Borg and defeat them... but there was just too many pages about them sitting around doing nothing while in captivity.

I did think the origin of the Borg was a really clever way to do it (even if I did see it coming a mile away).

I was a little disappointed that the Voyager cast was barely in it the final Borg story. Seven contributes nothing to the story and Voyager gets knocked off off-screen.

I just realized something. When the Caeliar send their signal to another galaxy and get blown up for it, and they surmise it's one of their future cities knocked into the past... we never learn anything more about that. That evil city is still out there.

Does anyone know the origins of this story? Who came up with it and what led to the decision to get rid of the Borg once and for all?

I'd love to see a list of every single continuity nod in this series:
transphasic torpedoes from VOY "Endgame". Thalarion weapon from ST Nemesis. Omega Molecule from VOY "Omega Directive". Hirogen from VOY Season Four. Caeliar build a Dyson sphere like in TNG "Relics". Erika Hernandez from ENT. the Galactic Barrier from TOS.
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