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Re: Happy 19th Birthday, Star Trek Generations!

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I Googled the Nexus and - from what I've been able to make out ... been able to gather - some novelization(s) made it a Q invention, which they basically got bored with and carelessly discarded. I hate that they went the easy, lazy route, by committing to this storyline. Q this ... Q that ... It's this one hand unbound and you're free thing, for these writers - just use Q!!! This is why I do not really read STAR TREK novels, or at least ... only do so, extremely rarely.
Same here. I can't stand the continuity porn, but many readers like it.
How else do you explain the Nexus, if not the Q then what else - magic?
In the Nexus you can travel backward and forward in time, in space, get immortality and your deepest wishes granted. I can't get my head around that being a natural phenomena. I know Genesis and Spock's resurrection in TWOK and the eternal life thing in INS were incredible as well but not nearly as much as the Nexus.

I think it being left-over super technology is the only 'real' explanation. I was also thinking maybe the Nexus was something the 'Preservers' might have used to transfer the Amerinds except that even the Preservers technology didn't look that sophisticated.
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