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Re: Happy 19th Birthday, Star Trek Generations!

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I wish we'd seen a glimpse of Soran's lost, dead family members to personalize Malcolm McDowell's struggle to return to the Nexus so he could be with his loved ones again. A kind, decent man was driven to the brink of murder and even planetary genocide because he was determined to be reunited with his dead family members, even if they were just some sort of bizarre quantum/space-time illusion.

The novelization of Generations does a pretty good job of fleshing out Tolian Soran and makes him a much more sympathetic villain, describing how he lost his family in the Borg attack on the El-Aurian homeworld and his struggles to cope with their deaths and his separation from the addictive effects of the Nexus. The screenwriters should had given McDowell a little more material related to Soran's background and history.
That would have been a very wise move and could probably have been accomplished in just a couple of minutes. It also would have made the context of his actions that much more clearer. Good thought.
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