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Re: How powerful is a Galaxy class starship?

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The Galaxy Class Starship is extremely powerful, and is one of the most advanced ships in the fleet.
It's so powerful, it can be swatted down by a single shot from an 80-year-old Bird of Prey crewed by a disorganized group of Klingon terrorists and their handler.

(NB: Yes, I know the shot went through the shields. No, I don't care. The 1701 Enterprise took a torpedo THROUGH THE SAUCER, and repeated shots to its ENTIRE hull, but kept on trucking).
the "battle" in generations was patheticly scripted.

The klingon ship should have at least been a vorc'ha class
The thing was, though, was that under normal conditions, the D12 would have been no match for the Enterprise-D--and that was even said so onscreen. The Duras Sisters used a very rare trick to give them an equally rare advantage they never would have had otherwise.
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