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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

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I read Scarlet Spider #25 and like "Fearless Defenders" final issue it kind of ended abruptly and felt rushed, obviously it was hinting that Kaine and Arceley's story will continue (probably in the new New Warriors book) but it was still a little disappointing that there was no real follow up to the previous issue. Still will miss this book a ton.
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How much story time passes between the end of "Scarlet Spider" #25 and the beginning of "New Warriors" #1?

It all goes back to that last page. When you pick up "New Warriors" #1 in February you're actually going to see a couple of scenes from this issue. It literally picks up seconds after that end moment where Aracely asks, "Why is the water red?"

So Kaine and Aracely are still in Mexico then when "New Warriors" begins, and it felt like you were laying the ground work in "Scarlet Spider" for a Mexico-set epic involving Aztec mythology that you never got to tell. Is there a chance we'll see that story in "New Warriors?"

If "New Warriors" gets past the first year where we kind of establish the team then we can get to a couple of "Scarlet Spider" stories that actually fit better in "New Warriors" than they would have in "Scarlet Spider." The Aztec story is one of those, and a very clone-centric story is another.

So if people want to see those stories they should pick up "New Warriors?"

Exactly. People who love Kaine should be reading "New Warriors" because he's a big part of it.
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