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Re: Picard made First Contact with 27 civilisations?

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I've never been under the impression than Q was a representative of his "government." He comes off as a sadistic individual that his own people barely tolerate.
Yes, a politician. That's what Cyke101 said.

I never knew the Q Continuum had their own US Congress! *ba-dam-tss!*


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Zephram met informally with the Captain of a exploration ship, that was considered "First Contact."
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Sounds like Memory Alpha screwed it up again.
How so, exactly? If you're referencing Zephram Cochrane as first contact, then why discount T'Pol or Spock or Tuvok's traveling back in time then? They, like Amanda's parents, hid their true nature from humanity. First Contact the movie even establishes that Vulcans knew about humanity but thought they were too primitive to meet officially until Cochrane invented warp drive -- which lead to official first contact. It seems inconsistent to not count pre-warp Vulcan interaction as first contact, but trying to create Amanda's parents living incognito (pre-Farpoint) as official first contact. Vulcans were observing in secret just as the Q were, but it wasn't until everyone was made aware of the other's full presence could their encounters be considered "First Contact." After all, there's no title called "Star Trek: First Contact (But Not Really)".

But yeah, Q is a member of his race, and from that encounter, the Federation found a new race with which they have had some sort of exchange ("They" being the TNG/DS9/VOY crews for the Federation, and Q for the Continuum). If we're comparing Farpoint to the Vulcans at First Contact, the Vulcans went out of their way to be known and didn't try to hide anything -- they exchanged information with humans. Same with Q and Picard --Q went out of his way to test Picard, and informed the Federation that the Continuum was examining humanity's evolution (which the Q had been doing silently without humanity's knowledge or comprehension up until then - and informing one group about the intentions of your own group mean you are acting on their behalf -- a representative). That sharing of information need not be cooperative or consensual (war, for example, or those tests), but both sides are aware of each other and their official designation.

Keep in mind too the episode First Contact. Picard offered first contact for Malcorian society, but their Chancellor respectfully declined. The Chancellor and those involved are now aware of the Federation, but they felt their own people wouldn't be ready, so they withheld information from them. Due to the Prime Directive, Picard agreed to the Chancellor's request, but this highlights, again, that information about both sides needs to be shared in some way to necessitate first contact. To the Malcorian history books, they haven't had it yet. In that way, Picard and the Federation would be like the 21st-century Vulcans or pre-Farpoint Q, studying in secret and the Federation's presence kept a secret from the Malcorians. Since one side wasn't fully aware of the other side, there was no first contact -- something that Picard and the Chancellor agreed to and outright stated by the two representatives in the episode itself. On the same level, the Ferengi met with the military at Area 51, but since that was kept hush-hush, that wasn't counted as First Contact. Same with the Borg in Enterprise. As far as Federation historical records go, Picard made those First Contacts, not a human general in 1947 nor Lily or Archer.
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