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Re: Off Topic: Movie Tie-In Editions

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I find it hard to get the point of novelising a movie that's based on a novel...
I generally resist that as well, although, yeah, there are some cases where the film/TV show is so different from the original than it almost makes sense. There's a new edition of Dracula (the original novel by Bram Stoker) that has the guy from the new NBC TV series on the cover, but anybody who picks up that book, expecting anything like the TV show is in for a big shock. That's a case where it might have made sense to commission a novelization of the TV show instead. (Too bad Fred Saberhagen is no longer with us.)

But, yeah, I've never really seen the point of hiring, say, David McIntee to rewrite The Island of Doctor Moreau where there's already a perfectly good novel by H.G. Wells.
With such old works, it's probably less of a problem, yeah, especially when it's really just the character or central concept they're using - but then half the time they change the title anyway.

And I'd happy novelise almost anything, just to check off the "novelised something" box, cos I've still never done that!
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