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Re: TCM Genre movies schedule...

Time for January 2014. Every Friday night/Saturday early AM has a "Science in the Movies" spotlight, though only some of its installments are science fiction (others are historical films about major scientific advances or figures).

WED 1/1 - THU 1/2/14 (copied from last month's post):
8:00 PM: Journey to the Center of the Earth ('59) With James Mason, Pat Boone, and iguanas impersonating dimetrodons.
10:15 PM: The Lost World ('60): Irwin Allen version with Michael Rennie, Jill St. John, and lizards impersonating dinosaurs.
Midnight: The Valley of Gwangi ('69): Finally, real dinosaurs! By which I mean Harryhausen-animated dinosaurs!
2:00 AM: She ('65): With Ursula Andress and Peter Cushing.
4:00 AM: The Lost Continent ('68): Misleadingly named Hammer film about Sargasso Sea castaways.

SAT 1/4
2:15 AM: Countdown ('68): Sounds interesting... Robert Altman directs a fictional version of the race to beat the Soviets to the Moon, starring James Caan and Robert Duvall. Made with NASA cooperation.
4:15 AM: Marooned ('69): The sixties version of Gravity, basically. Gregory Peck, Richard Crenna, and David Janssen are stranded in space. From the Martin Caidin novel.
6:30 PM: The Thing From Another World ('51): Need I say more?

SUN 1/5
1:00 PM: Jungle Jim ('48): Not strictly genre, but it's based on an Alex Raymond comic strip, it stars Johnny Weissmuller and George Reeves, and it's the first in a series that has more fantasy elements in later installments.

FRI 1/10-SAT 1/11
8:00 PM: Bride of Frankenstein ('35)
9:30 PM: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde ('41): Argh, why do they keep showing the lame Spencer Tracy version instead of the superb Fredric March version?
11:30 PM: The Thing From Another World again
1:15 AM: Forbidden Planet ('56)
3:00 AM: Solaris ('72): The Andrei Tarkovsky version.

TUE 1/14
5:00 PM: Mad Love ('35): Peter Lorre's American debut, as a mad doctor. Colin Clive, in a role reversal, plays his patient.

WED 1/15
4:00 PM: The Canterville Ghost ('44): Loose, WWII-themed adaptation of the Oscar Wilde story.

SAT 1/18
4:15 AM: These Are the Damned ('62): Originally called The Damned. Hammer horror film about radioactive mutant children (no, not the X-Men).

MON 1/20
9:15 PM: The World, The Flesh, and The Devil ('59): Harry Belafonte, Mel Ferrer, and Inger Stevens in the post-apocalypse.

FRI 1/24-SAT 1/25
Midnight: It Happens Every Spring ('49): Borderline-SF comedy with Ray Milland as a professor who invents a baseball that can't be hit and goes into pitching.
1:45 AM: The Man in the White Suit ('51): In a similar vein, Alec Guiness invents an indestructible fabric to the dismay of the garment industry.

SAT 1/25
4:00 PM: Robin and Marian ('76): Robin Hood's a legend, so he counts as genre, I guess. Sean Connery as aging Robin Hood.
8:00 PM: Jaws ('75)
10:15 PM: Alien ('79)

WED 1/29
9:30 AM: Sinbad the Sailor ('47): With Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.
6:15 PM: Dr. Coppelius ('68): Based on the ballet Coppélia, about an inventor passing off a lifelike animated doll as his daughter.
8:00 PM: The Manchurian Candidate ('62)

FRI 1/31
2:00 AM: Trog ('70): Joan Crawford protects a revived "caveman."

FRI 1/31-SAT 2/1:]
8:00 PM: The First Men in the Moon ('64): H.G. Wells adaptation.
10:00 PM: The Time Machine ('60): Ditto.
3:45 AM: Charly ('68): Cliff Robertson adaptation of "Flowers for Algernon."
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