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Re: What does a New colony need?

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You also need things to help boredom. What kind of things depends on how advanced your colony is going to be and how many people will be living there. For entertainment think in things like stadiums and there own music. Also, and this might be the most important thing to have on a colony, you need jobs. A colony that is very high tech will have less jobs that will be needed for the survival of te colony while low tech colonies (like a colony that will not have any kind of post steam technology) will have jobs like farmers.
All of the supplies you are going to need for these things cannot be brought in in one trip. These things need to turn up natural, In other words, the colony needs to develope its own culture and identity, and these things take time.

All these things are secondary, but if you want a self sustaning colony these are a must.
Very true, but not an immediate need as you said - and a lot of what would be specifically required depends on the general purpose of the colony. Is it just a spreading-Federation-presence sort of colony where people expect to live more-or-less the same as they do elsewhere in the Federation? Or does it have some additional religious/governmental/scientific/etc agenda?

Come to think of it, *I* kind of assumed with my lists above that the colonists would want to maintain a modern lifestyle. But what if it is an Amish community, for example? Or hipsters?
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