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Re: What does a New colony need?

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Growing flora and fauna does not require a powerful energy source, a replicator does.
There's this big fusion reactor called "the sun" that is pretty heavily involved there - perhaps you've heard of it?
Collecting enough solar energy to run a replicator might require a fairly extensive array.
I wasn't talking about running a replicator. I was talking about growing plants and animals - they get their power from the sun. It's called "being a smartass".
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I can't see any reason why, just looking at the way the technology is supposed to work, you can't replicate seeds ...
As I understand it, a replicator can not produce living things, seeds (viable ones) are living things.

It would be like replicating a fertile chicken egg, and then having it hatch, the replicator just can't do it.

I believe I *did* go on to say that I understood that limitation IS there for *story* purposes. It just doesn't make sense based on what the technology is supposed to be capable of. Why are you quoting only selected parts of what I said so you can act like you are telling me things I don't know?
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