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Re: Movie anticipation for undiscovered country

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The finished film really surprised me, in that I absolutely despised it for the way they handled Kirk and Spock, and for the extremely grainy Super35 photography, which in the theaters I caught it in, made scenes like the Kirk/McCoy bunkbed rure penthe scene look like it was being projected i a drive-in, it was just murk, nothing visible at all.

Seeing the thing on laserdisc and dvd was a real revelation, because it didn't look anything like this in the theater (same thing was true for GEN, though I wonder how much of that was just how all the Century theaters were using about a quarter of the necessary illumination in their projectors ... I had seen TFF at Palo Alto Square, a gorgeous therefore by now long-gone cinema that had a print which looked grand, so it is possible a lot of my bad memories of TUC/GEN have to do with where I saw them rather than how they were actually supposed to look.
Definitely where you saw it exhibited. I don't remember such issues when seeing either movie in my hometown's Holiday Cinema (now owned by Regal) theater.
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