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Re: The absolute worst captain in Star Trek

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I'm going to have to agree with the OP - Ronald Tracey.

Harriman was inexperienced, which is no crime, everyone is at some point. Esteban was a stickler for protocol - might have lacked some imagination, but that is actually a plus when performing certain tasks, too. And even though I LOATHE Janeway, she never tried to kill her crew or loose space nazis on everyone - she was "only" guilty of dereliction of duty.
Tracey was straight up the most corrupted, though Ransom (captain of Equinox) gives him a run for the money.

Harriman, on screen, is a mystery as to how he became captain in the first place. LT Saavik did better at te beginning of TWOK in the simulator. In the books (if you want to go by them), supposedly he became a decent captain, but then there was the Tomed incident that ruined his career and reputation.
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