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6. I love all the fanboys who rave how STID is soo "innovative" ...
"Innovative"? I don't recall much raving about that going on.

Here's a suggestion: Why not stick to discussing the movie and/or comments which have been made here, and just leave out backhanded swipes at any fan groups for things they haven't actually said?
Do you know this for a fact? Are you a fan boy?
I'm a moderator in this forum. As such, I'm reasonably familiar with what's been said here and with what hasn't, and I was offering you some friendly advice.

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Do you speak for all fan boys everywhere? No? Then here's a suggestion: Settle down, Beavis, lighten up, and quit looking to be offended at a figure of speech that wasn't even directed at you.
Just doing my job, Butthead, so settle down and lighten up, yourself.

As a general rule, speaking to the topic or to the content of posts made by others is the way to go; taking potshots at the people making those comments or at "fanboys" who are supposed to have said a thing some vague somewhere, not so much. In short: post, not poster. Master that, and you might go far.
Always acknowledge a fault frankly. This will throw those in authority
off their guard and give you opportunity to commit more.
~ Mark Twain
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