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They could make an awesome Worf-centered story that explored his duties as Martok's Federation Ambassador, have him in some cool political stories, think less sci-fi and more West Wing or Law & Order even... except within Klingon society, so honor killings, legal house, exploration of the corruption of the High Council and their workings in a post-Romulus galaxy... could be frakkin' GOOD...
Not that it will happen, but I was about to say something similar, but with Worf as an ambassador to Romulus (or what's left of the Romulan Empire post destruction, and based on "New Romulus"), although, I would rather it be more like a toned down version of the Borgias or Tudors in the Trek universe, when it comes to political intrigue, and with Worf not the only central character.

But a Captain Worf show? I don't see how that would even be remotely interesting, unless he was captain on a Klingon ship.

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