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Re: Movie anticipation for undiscovered country

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There was a ton of media coverage for TUC : it was the 25th anniversary, the movie was cleverly teased in a Next Gen episode (Unification), there was loads of new merchandise coming out all throught 1991 to cash in on the anniversary, and there were rumours flying around suggesting some of the crew might get killed off.
It was quite well-expected. I remember the Arts section of The New York Times giving its full (sectional) front page over to the movie and a huge (black-and-white, as befit the era) publicity photograph from the film. I kept that for a while until it was ridiculous to haul such a thing around.
Yep. I remember similar spreads running out in the west coast media.

I think people who weren't alive and/or were not interested in Trek in 1991 just don't have a clear idea of how big Trek was in the 1990s and how huge the 25th anniversary celebration was. It was everywhere. Trek was on Slurpee cups, in the Rose Bowl parade, parodied on In Living Color, SNL, and Mad TV, etc.

The sneak peek of TUC during the 25th Anniversary Special on TV, and then TNG Unification's hint at TUC from Spock (and seeing Spock with TNG characters!) had me whipped into a frenzy
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