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Re: The absolute worst captain in Star Trek

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Captain J.T. Esteban of the Grissom.
I know he was in command of a science vessel with pink bridge chairs, but when that science ship found something (which was why they were there in the first place), he just looked confused and had to pass it up the chain of command before making any decisions.
When Klingon ship decloaked right behind his ship and was arming weapons, his urgent command to save his ship was to order them to "Prepare for evasive maneuvers"??? PREPARE for?- How about 'Raise Shields' and 'Bank Left'? Two separate commands to two different bridge officers, either of which could have bought enough time to warp away and save his crew.

To be fair, Grissom was not a combat ship. Not much more than an overgrown shuttle craft for science studies, really. So its captain can't be held to the same standard as a captain of a capital ship. Esteban probably just didn't have the training, even if he was an ass. So this is as much a fault of starfleet as anything. If Genesis was such a top secret planet that warranted a quarantine, why wasn't a couple of cruiser ships (Constitution or Miranda class) posted nearby, while the Grissom conducted its studies? Starfleet should have foreseen that the Klingons or some other Empire just might get wind of a new planet being created, after destroying a billions year old nebula, and freak out when the find out Genesis torpedoes can destroy as well as create (as Kruge did).
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