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Re: Is STiD "too close" to STXI, timescale-wise?

I think the one year gap (from 2258.42 to 2259.55) was good to continue Kirk and Spock's plotlines from the first movie. But it does make for a very cramped schedule on the baddie side - Khan's resurrected by Marcus and put to work designing weapons, including the USS Vengeance which was then built all in the space of 12 months (pretty impressive for Starfleet's biggest ever ship - we know the new Enterprise took at least 3 years to build)

Then we skip 2 weeks for Kirk's recovery and THEN a whole year for his memorial speech and the relaunch of the Enterprise. The movie then ends so similarly to the '09 one it almost feels like a little side story taking place between the last shots of that film.

So... the timing's a bit crazy. But I forgive it
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