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Creepy Bajoran Men

I rewatched the Circle trilogy last night, which cemented an opinion that I had been forming: that Bajoran men are generally creepy. These episodes had three great character, whom are either dead or disgraced by the end. Jaro was good as the corrupt politician, and Krim had room to develop as the principled but misguided general. And Li was awesome as the uncertain man who had leadership qualities within him--actually very well played by Beymer. On the other hand, Bareil's behavior was becoming strange, and taken out of context, he looks like a stalker. He was good only in ITHOTP. I never thought much of Shakaar, and while Mora and Solbor were interesting and sympathetic, they lacked heroic qualities. Compared to Kai Winn, there was not male Bajoran, good or evil, to really make Bajoran politics meaningful in the late seasons.
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