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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 86: A Lost Cause

Garak: You know this is probably the only time a Cardassian and a Founder will dine together.

Weyoun: DO NOT harm The Sisko's son!
Jem'Hadar 1: The Sisko? That sounds like a God.
Jem'Hadar 2: Which is blasphemy! The only Gods are the Founders.
Weyoun: Oh crap.

Bashir: Now Worf, I know you don't like role-playing and I know you like Cardassians even less, but you WILL enjoy yourself. Captain's orders.

Sisko: No Dax, I don't need another one of you humorous anecdotes right now!

Sisko: You may hate each other's guts but at least keep this civil before the war- I mean after the mission.
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