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Did Kirk's TMP admiral uniform almost become standard issue?

Here's a little Christmas stocking contribution for the holidays.

I purchased this image many years ago from a Californian photo dealer (because it looked rare) but never understood how to properly categorize it:

Maab saved an excerpt from an auction catalogue (with some odd suggestions in the text, IMHO) with a mirrored shot of the above image.

The style of the uniform looks like a prototype for Admiral Kirk's TMP uniform. Personally, it's my all time favorite uniform type, and I would have wished they'd made this one into standard issue, but probably rejected this idea on behalf of highlighting Shatner's entry into the film, instead.

While the auction catalogue text suggests an abandoned Phase II design, it rather looks like an early TMP design, IMHO:
  • On the left sleeve there's the new Starfleet insignia TMP style (though strangely not on the left chest)
  • The uniform already has the TMP epaulettes indicating the rank of the uniform's wearer
  • The belt "buckle" is the TMP bioscanner but still looks somewhat bigger than the final design
The fact that the uniform is being worn by an actor in full Vulcan make-up (apparently neither Xon or Commander Sonak) adds to the mystery of this image.

If a story could be told about this uniform prototype, I'd really like to know.

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