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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

A friend sent me a version of "Let it Snow" which was a bit 'delightful' I guess. I finished "Chainmail" by Carey then read "Doors into Chaos" by Greenberger and am now halfway through "Demons of Air and Darkness" by DeCandido. I noticed that the latter two books were published at the eventful time of September 2001.

As for Great Political Thinkers topics: I read "The Labour Party in Perspective" by Attlee (1937) as well as "Socialism and Nationalisation" by Gaitskell and an article "Philosophy of the British Labor Government" by A. D. (Lord) Lindsay from a collection. Now reading "The Modern Democratic State" also by A. D. Lindsay (1962).

Finished reading the complete Plato (true, dubious, and false). I am discovering different "bookform readings" as they come in many formats now. Have the current KRAD book as e-reader friendly and as hardcopy (Demons of Air and Darkness, 2001).

Currently starting to go through Season 3 of "Enterprise" and I see that it seems to be much about the "Xindi" which shall be yet another polyxenic civilization.

Shall look for Michael Harrington books. My local university had one in the catalogue but was missing from the shelf. I put in a trace. I got the other book from the library and hope to read it soon.
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