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TMP comes off as much more of a standalone than part of the TOS movie series that follows.
Not a bad thing. And it was inevitable given TWOK is esentially a reboot. They pushed the setting forward in time and never again made any reference whatsoever to the events of TMP. It was treated as if it never happened. And yet I feel TMP feels more connected to TOS than most of anything else that followed.
I've seen a theory posited elsewhere that you can see TMP as being a 'post-script' to TOS. It's almost a series finale in a way, in that (despite it also being a 'new birth' for the USS Enterprise herself) it ties up a couple of character arcs from the series. In particular, Spock conquers his human-vs-Vulcan emotion thing that had tormented him sometimes throughout the series, and he comes out the other side of the movie with a much better understanding of who he is than he's arguably ever had before.

I guess you could say that TMP is a sort of 'TOS reunion special', if you like. The movies, and the movie continuity, truely begin with TWOK and then go forward from there.
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