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Re: The Undiscovered Country length

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Also, the VOY episode "Flashback" fraks the canon timeline up even further, positing that the Rura Penthe rescue of Kirk and McCoy took place mere days after the Praxis explosion, when we know from the film that months elapsed between the two events.

Brannon Braga (who wrote the episode) later basically admitted that he screwed it all up during the scripting process, but in-universe, it can at least be chalked up to Tuvok's fractured memories or something similar, if we wish.
I think I recall Tim Russ in an interview saying that the episode had been scripted so well that the continuity was airtight, or something like that.
That interview is gonna bite Tim Russ in the ass for years to come!

I think on a technical level -- the set designs etc -- he's bang on correct, it's surprisingly accurate to the Excelsior scenes in STVI almost to the minutest detail. But certainly the broader continuity accurancy to the movie's plot is right up the spout.
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